Leaf on a Pond

Painted May 12, 2012.  Acrylics and ink on paper 70x100cm.


Completed April 2012. acrylics and ink on paper 70x100cm.

In Strange Waters


Guache amd Acrylics on pater 56x76cm   June 12, 2011.

Blue Cloud and Red Dragonfly


Ink and Acrylics on paper 56x76cm  June 4,2011.

Painted June 15, 2010. Mixed Water based media on paper. 56x77cm.

Dancing Rainbows

Painted June 15, 2010. mixed water based media on paper. 57x78cm.

Eagle Heart

Painted May 28, 2010. Acrylics and ink on paper. 56x76cm.